Abhay desai
2 min readSep 23, 2021


Do you want a steam locomotive train in your termial?

root@localhost:~# yum install sl
root@localhost:~# sl

Does your cow speak? Well my cow, does. Let me show you how..

root@localhost:~# yum install cowsay 
root@localhost:~# cowsay

Well, my dragon speaks too , though its funny.

root@localhost:~# cowsay -f dragon Linuxworld

Have you ever wondered, what if I could know about my fortune or quotes every day? Well, we can

root@localhost:~# yum install fortune 
root@localhost:~# fortune

Now ,let our cow speak our fortune

root@localhost:~# fortune | cowsay

Ghosts can speak too, only in Linux though

root@localhost:~# cowsay -f ghostbusters Hey bro

1. Cowsay

2. Cowthink

The cow can do more than just talking, it can even think. To make the cow think, use the cowthink command.

3. figlet - draw banners

The figlet command can be used to draw large sized text banners. I remember seeing such banners as the welcome message of socket daemons/services, when connecting via telnet

4. toilet - draw banners again

The toilet command is similar to the figlet command, that it draws large sized text banners using smaller characters.

5. banner

The banner command too can print banners like figlet and toilet but it is very limited. No options and can print only 10 characters at most.

6. cmatrix - The MATRIX

The command cmatrix draws the Neo style matrix on your terminal and makes you feel a little more geekier.

and Many More ..!!

Thank you .!!